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My name is Mark Dolfini, Landlord Coach.  Along the way to cashing over 30,000 rent checks I realized I'd made a lot of mistakes
When I got started in Real Estate Investing, I was learning all the same stuff as the rest of us.  Courses, Books and Gurus were all saying the same things:  

"Buy with No Money Down!"

"Use OPM (Other People's Money) as much as you can!"

"Borrow as often as you can!"
I didn't realize back then, I was only being told part of the story... 
It wasn't until I was FOUR and a Half MILLION dollars in default where I realized that all I had done was create a MISERABLE job for myself!
It's not your fault... 
I realized far too late that I was playing against a stacked deck.  The way I got started in real estate with all that "OPM" was causing me SERIOUS problems!  

After working back to back 20-hour days for 6 months, it wasn't until I nearly died in the hospital from double-pneumonia that I saw what none of the other gurus had failed to teach me in their books and courses.
That's why I wrote The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 - Your Real Estate Roadmap to Owning More, Working Less, and Creating the Life you Want which helps  you create a real estate BUSINESS, and NOT create a JOB for yourself!

Learn the secrets to create a business - NOT a JOB!
 Secret #1: Learn the Secret "VIP" Business model in Chapter 5 I used to go from working 20 Hours a day, to 2 Hours a week in my Rental Business! 
 Secret #2: Learn in Chapter 4 how to create a BUSINESS (not a job) based on a solid plan for your Future
 Secret #3: Learn how to hire the 4 most critical people to your Rental Operation
 Secret #4: Get someone else to put together your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for your Real Estate Business to base all their decisions on when you're not around!
 Secret #5: Understand the negotiating skills you need to put you at the best advantage with everyone!
The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 shows you: 
  • How to Get Control over your LIFE and your Real Estate BUSINESS! 
  • How to Create MASSIVE amount of Time-Freedom in your Calendar 
  • How to Make your Passive Income investments TRULY PASSIVE!!
... and much, MUCH more!
The best thing is you'll start seeing results quickly - as fast as a single afternoon - and it costs about as much as a trip to Starbucks. 
If you're a landlord who is time-weary, frustrated, and not getting the results you want from your rental properties and want to make their passive investments truly passive, understand this:
  • Time waits for NO ONE! - Don't be FRUSTRATED for ONE MORE DAY running your Real Estate Business without the proper tools or systems
  • Control of your Calendar! - Stop missing out on the important things in LIFE!
  • KNOW If You Don't Place a Value on Your FREE TIME, Someone Else Will!
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What People Are Saying:
I chose this book because of my decision to make real estate the cornerstone of my investing life. While Mark Dolfini is an accomplished and savvy real estate investor and property manager, I was blown away by his concept of Time Wealth. 

Re-framing my investing and my life in general around the value of time is a dynamic shift in thinking. I came in looking for tips and insights to improve my real estate work and found an approach to enhance my life and relationships.
- Randy Kron, Amazon Review
This book offers insight into efficiency improvements for systems that will bog down any small business (or even a large one).

In The Time Wealthy Investor, Dolfini focuses on ways to grow income and time away from the business, while also maintaining the personal service and structure that is so critical to building a thriving small business.
- Ben Johnson, Facebook Review
Mark has a depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness about landlording and the ownership of real estate that is rare in our business. 

He would be an excellent resource for someone doing their own management who wants to upgrade their business practices to the next level. At the very least - read his book!
- Louise Alexander, LinkedIn Review
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