STOP: Before You Put More MONEY Into Your RENTALS, Read This...
How to Make more Money with your Rentals, get back your Time, Avoid Frustration, and live the Life you Want 

Become a VIP in the Rental Business

Mark Dolfini - Husband, Father, Coach

Are your Rentals not working out as you'd hoped?

How much money have you poured into your rentals?

Have you ever missed an awesome weekend because you spent it working at your rental? 

So there you are, after an exhausting weekend, and now it's Monday morning, and you're wrestling with traffic...

Mentally exhausted.  Eagerly waiting for your coffee to kick in... 

You wonder, "How many more weekends will I have to do THAT?"🙄

Where is all the Money and Free-Time you were promised?

Does it feel like all you have is another job

Before you drop more money into your Rental...

  • or spend another weekend at your rental...
  • or have dinner interrupted by your phone...
  • or step out of your kids birthday party...

You should know...

There is a better way

(and you can make a lot more money too)

You're not alone...

Like you, I wanted the Cash Flow and Freedom I saw other people getting...

A few years after I left the Marines and fresh out of college, I was 30 years old, 
working as an accountant for a hotel.  With a little hustle and creativity
I got into 12 rentals...

And Life is BUSY!😳

I was caught in the trap of handling the mundane, day-to-day stuff as a budding real estate investor, willing to pay his dues... 

..and I'm barely keeping up! 

Maybe I was being stupid...  thinking of buying more rentals so I could someday leave my job and go live the good Life 😢  

I wanted to make more money, but did sacrificing

my Self-worth, Happiness
and Relationships have to be part of it?

Why did everyone else who had rentals have it easier and make more than I was?

Do you know what I mean?  

Up next... Growing to 92 rentals

I thought having 92 rentals would be the answer to my prayers...

Maybe you don't have all the rentals you want...

But you might relate to the "busy-ness" in Life I'm talking about

I came up with a plan to get out of this mess I made.  This rental job I created... 

My plan came with a heavy cost... 

I sacrificed my personal relationships, and poured everything into my rentals, doing all I could to grow

My plan was to "grow out of my problems"

And as I grew (I eventually got to 92 rentals)... I realized the stupidity of my plan

Instead of getting better, my problems got WORSE!

WAY worse... 

Growing only Magnified my Problems

I had no Life. I was stressed all the time, and my phone was relentless

It wasn't long before my relationship with my fiance' was circling the bowl too...

This was crazy!!

  • Erratic cash flow... 
  • Being stressed...
  • Calls at 2pm and 2am...
  • ​and the growing pile of repairs


This dream of being my own boss had turned into a total nightmare!

The Big Lie...

With the help of mentors, a business coach, a LOT of reading, observation and research... 

I got serious about my rentals

I was DONE with the hustle...

All the real estate books and courses had me focused on the wrong things

It was then I realized I'd been lied to...

Teaching local investors about the lies we've been fed

The BIG LIE was that there was freedom in being 
"Self Employed.

Being self-employed meant I still had a boss, and that boss was a lunatic! 

I was ready...

To have something that ran without me...

I was ready to have a Life and to have control of my time and of my calendar!

I was ready to turn the page, and become a Business Owner

I was ready to have a BUSINESS! 🏦

A Business that ran WITHOUT me, and existed FOR me!

"Begin with the End in Mind"

~Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Evolving from spreadsheets to a business system

If You're Struggling, here's why
(and it's not Your Fault!)

I figured out in order to have a business, and to remove myself from this horrible JOB I made, I needed a system

I learned as much as I could about business systems. 

The most obvious was to take a "Top-Down" approach - a system that began with the end in mind

The problem I found was every real estate "system" I'd been learning 
and reading about, all the real estate books and courses taught the same 
"bottom-up" approach

For example: a "bottom-up" approach teaches,

"When a tenant does this, 
you do that..."  

"If this happens... go do this..."  

There are a variety of reasons the "Do this... if that..." approach doesn't 
work for everyone 

For starters, the "thing" you were told to do might not line up with everything else you're already doing! 

Or worse, that "thing" might not match up with YOUR skillset, or YOUR 
risk-tolerance, or even what YOU'D even be WILLING to do!

That "One Size Fits All" approach is not only ineffective, it can cost you a ton of time, money, and effort - leaving you completely overwhelmed with a job you hate

Then all of a sudden, you're driving yourself to work on a Monday with sore 
muscles after a long weekend at your rental... 

This is what I discovered about the "VIP Method" 
(the theme of The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 book)

Instead of "bottom-up," like every other real estate book and course out there...

It's "Top-Down"

(It's Strategic) 

As Stephen Covey taught:

It begins with the end in mind

The "VIP Method" will be described to you shortly...

First, let's take a page 
out of military strategy 

(sorry, even though I'm not on their payroll, I'm still a Marine...)

"Tactics before strategy is the noise before defeat"

As a U.S. Marine, and later as a student of business, that Sun Tzu quote really resonated with me when I heard it...

I was already lost from the sheer volume of "bottom-up/ tactical" information out there... 

Don't feel bad, with so much information out there it's easy to get lost 

Here's something you should know, the "bottom-up" approach isn't wrong...

The "bottom-up" approach works well when you're starting out and have a lot of questions

That approach is based on finding answers to the most pressing problem at that moment

  • Need an Application? Start a search and find one online...
  • Need a Lease? Ask around, here's one your brother-in-law uses...
  • Need a Lawyer? Your neighbor uses this guy... 

It seemed a logical approach from the start, and you weren't wrong...

Just understand, this approach won't get you to the next level.  It's easy to become trapped

If you're not careful, the "bottom-up" approach becomes the very thing you're trying hard to escape from...

It becomes a job 😐

"What got you here, won't get you there"

~Marshall Goldsmith, Best Selling author, Speaker, Coach

New Tools for your Toolbox...

If you've been through real estate books and courses and videos before they have likely given you some good nuggets...

But nuggets aren't enough.  In simple terms, they gave you a fish.  I don't want to give you a fish.  That only feeds you for a day.  Let me show you HOW to fish, so you can feed yourself for a lifetime. 

Imagine, just for a moment, what your Life would be like if: 

  • There were no more interruptions during the day from tenants... only the most important calls come to you!
  • No more trying to remember everything you have to do... including chasing rent and lease renewals!
  • If maintenance issues are handled automatically and not routed through you... Imagine no more 2am emergency calls!

Instead, imagine your Life in the future with a well-running rental business:

  • A Life defined by purposeful free time to do WHAT you want and WHEN you want to do it.  Imagine you and your spouse or significant other being home at a decent time each night to sit down, have dinner and relax!  
  • A Business which provides ample amounts of cash flow with limited input from YOU.  If you're a Mom, imagine not having 14 open windows running in your mind related to running your rentals!
  • ​An ability to focus your time and attention on relationships with the people and things which most matter to you.  Imagine taking time to make amazing memories with your Kids, your Friends or your aging Parents!
What Inner circle coaching students are saying about the vip method
- Alex Romoser, Inner Circle Coaching Student

The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0

This approach I discovered - the system which delivered the life I wanted

This is the "VIP" Method

"VIP" stands for Vision-Infrastructure-Process, which is the Method I wrote about in the Amazon best selling book, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0

This how the "VIP" Method works:

The VIP Method: "V" is for Vision

I'm going to be completely honest, when I first heard someone talking about 
"Vision" I couldn't help but think "What is all this touchy-feely 'Vision' crap?"

(Ok, I spent 4 years in the Marines and I grew up with a Scottish mother and 
an Italian father.  I probably said some more colorful stuff, but you get the point...)

In reality, I learned how important it is to have a clear Vision.  Identifying my 
Vision was key to getting to where I wanted to go, and became 
critical to my success in business and in Life

Allow me to explain it like this...

If you think of a map, you should consider a map is only helpful if you know 2 things:

  • Where you Are
  • ​Where you Want to Go 

The "V" in "VIP" stands for Vision.  Vision is Where you Want to Go

Vision is what YOU want to accomplish... Vision is what YOU want out of LIFE!

To be clear, Vision has nothing much to do with real estate, or even business.  
Vision is about defining, specifically, what you want your Life to look like 

You might be tempted to say "I just want to be a billionaire, so I can quit my job 
and do what I want.  I'll figure out my Life from there..." 

I'll admit, for a long time, I thought that way too

Here's what I experienced...

As an real estate entrepreneur, my default setting is set to "Do Work." 

But my Vision wasn't clear on what it was I was hoping to accomplish...

As a result, I kept slaving away... working this awful job I created, even after I didn't have to!

As cool as it was to have a boat, it was NOT cool to have a boat that sat on a trailer in my driveway!

I had plenty of cash flow to cover my expenses, but since I had no real plan - no Vision - I just kept growing for the sake of growing

Buying some toys here and there as if to say "Look what I've got"

Let me tell you, as cool as it is to have a boat, it's equally NOT cool to have a boat that sits on a trailer in your driveway! (ask me how I know)

Having a clear Vision to guide me in my decisions is one of the best things 
I ever did for myself - Spiritually, Personally, and in Business

I've met a lot of very rich people who have expensive toys they never get to use.  
Those are the Time-Weary.  Having a crystal clear Vision, written down, will 
help ensure you don't become just like them...

Time-Weary... in bondage... a slave to how you produce income

The VIP Method: "I" is for Infrastructure

My Dad flew out to help me out once because he knew had badly I was 
struggling to run my rental business

He was my Hero.  A guy with an 8th grade education, 
he built a multi-million dollar trucking operation basically from scratch

While not particularly well-educated, my Dad knew about systems

He rode shotgun with me while he watched all the running around I was doing.  
He did his best to help (as much as a father can help his son) 

And I did my best to listen (as much as a son wants to listen to his father)

It was a strained situation at best... I did my best to be patient and hear 
his message...

But after 35 years in the trucking business, his approach was not 
exactly a soft place to land

"You have to have a system, for everything"  he said, looking around at the stacks 
of papers and unopened mail in my 4th bedroom, my makeshift office... just feeling 
all the judgement burning into me like a laser beam on my soul (at least that's what it felt like)

That particular trip did not turn out so well. He ended up leaving after a pretty heated
volley of insults.  It was not a good time for us... 

Fortunately we were able to patch things up a few years later.  What he was trying to 
tell me, was what I so desperately needed but was not ready to hear...

My business needed a system.  And a system starts with Infrastructure

In terms of the VIP Method, we covered "V" for Vision, let's talk about "I"

"I" stands for Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the "bones" of the business.  It's the basic stuff, the desks, 
the chairs, the computers, the property management software, and accounting software

It's all the stuff you need to run your processes on

Infrastructure is also the Asset Class you invest in.  Whether that's single 
family homes, multi-family, mixed-use commercial, parking garages, or self storage.  
You can also dial it down to A,B,C or D level properties based on quality

The reason Vision must come first is to provide a lens to look through so you 
can set up an Infrastructure that is in alignment with your Vision

I'll give you an example...

Let's say part of your Vision is to spend 2 months out of the year, laying on a 
beach, rubbing cocoa butter on your belly

If you set up an Infrastructure which requires you to return emails and phone calls 
right away, that's going to be terrible for you if you're laying on the beach rubbing 
cocoa butter on your belly!

This is why your Vision should be clear before you set up your Infrastructure

The VIP Method: "P" is for Process

With your Vision dialed in (why you're doing it), and Infrastructure in place, the last piece is Process

Breaking the processes down into easy to manage pieces.  This is The Landlord Cycle

Process is simply how you do stuff.  It's the checklists, protocols and procedures you use in your rental business

Just like my Dad had processes on how to do everything in his trucking business - how to fuel trucks, to washing the trailers, to accounts payable and accounts receivable - my rental business needed processes too 

The Landlord Cycle represents all the stuff that needs to get done, and ties in all the processes, checklists, and rules upon which you operate

The Landlord Cycle starts from Day "0" when your property is empty, and brings you all the way through Day "365" of the entire lease cycle

 Day "0" is when someone is handing you keys, either at the closing 
table or from a tenant that is moving out.  Another way to think about it is Day "0" 
is where you're making ZERO dollars  

 Day "1" is where someone is handing you money, and they are being handed keys

Note: The most important thing is to get from Day "0" to Day "1" as quickly as possible.  
This is done using the Vacancy Checklist, which details every step that needs to be done

Once the Resident moves in, they are brought into the onboarding process:

 Day "7".  Do this part well, you could have a customer for Life

Do this part wrong (or not at all) and you're always playing from behind

NOTE: Starbucks is a great example of a company which is amazing at onboarding 
people into their culture and turning them into lifelong customers

Be intentional about onboarding, and you can become a master of this too...
Imagine having a waiting list of customers dying to give you money!

 Day "30" is the first day of the Collections Cycle.  If you want to have a 
profitable business, this can't be left to chance where you assume people will 
always do what they say they will

In a year long lease, there will be multiple Collections cycles that run inside the Landlord Cycle

 Day "245" is the beginning of the Renewal Cycle and triggers the Renewal Checklist

If you've ever had a tenant move out because you forgot to have them 
sign a new lease (ask me how I know) then you know how aggravating that is!

This will not only help keep your places rented, but keep the rents at 
or close to market rates

Keep in mind not every person is someone you want to renew, due to bad 
payment history or perhaps their income has changed

The Renewal Checklist will help ensure you don't rely on assumptions about 
your Residents income that are months or years old 

 The last part of the Landlord Cycle is Day "365" which simply marks the 
end of the lease and the Landlord Cycle will then go back to Day "0" or to Day "1", 
and the cycle starts all over again.  

What real estate investors are Saying:
- Randy Kron 
"I was blown away by his concept of Time-Wealth"
While Mark Dolfini is an accomplished and savvy real estate investor and property manager, I was blown away by his concept of Time Wealth. 

Re-framing my investing and my life in general around the value of time is a dynamic shift in thinking. I came in looking for tips and insights to improve my real estate work and found an approach to enhance my life and relationships.
- Randy Kron, Real Estate Investor, Cited in an Amazon Review

I know, it's a lot to take in...

Fortunately, putting a system in place is not that hard using the VIP Method... 

Chances are you've read up to this point because something struck a chord with you.  (Surely not because you have nothing else going on...)

Would you be interested in taking a few things off your plate?  Closing a few of those 14 open windows you have open in your mind? 

Would you be interested to know HOW you ACTUALLY could spend 
more time with your Kids?  

HOW you could have your spouse home on the weekends or after 
work, instead of running to the rental to take care of things that come up?

HOW you might be able to spend some time with family, your parents, 
maybe your grandparents if you're lucky enough to still have them around?  

Well, this is HOW you do it...


Become a VIP in the Rental Business

video course

Here is the entire "VIP" course, broken into 3 easy to follow sections:

  • The Vision course
  • ​The Infrastructure course 
  • ​The Process course

Part 1: "V" is for Vision

I'm going to tell you about The Vision Course in just a minute

But first, let me present this scenario to you:

Imagine for a second you’re standing in a small room, by yourself, 
among all the cash you’ve ever wanted

The cash is stacked so high you can’t see out the windows

The only reason you know it’s daytime is because you can just barely 
see a glimpse of the bright blue sky through the very top of one of the 

Can you picture it? 

You take a deep breath in through your nose, smelling the distinct 
crisp smell of new money...

You decide you want to go spend some of this cash...

You grab a few stacks of hundreds, still with the money strap around them

The bills are perfectly stacked... Newly made... they feel like you're 
holding a small paper brick, the edges of the stacks are hard to the touch... 
almost sharp as if made out of wood

With your stash in hand, you head for the door

You find your way to the only door in the room and step outside and you learn 
this room, is actually just a small building.  As you step out, the cash still in your hands, you step onto a small section of poured concrete.  

The concrete pad and the building are surrounded by sand  

You look around to see nothing but more sand, blue sky, and the hot 
sun above. You suddenly realize this building, and you, are located in the 
middle of a desert. There’s not another building or person within sight in any direction

You might be starting to think, “Wait, don’t I need water? And food? 
I could die in this scenario!”

That’s right, you could die. In the middle of a desert. Completely alone...

This story might seem far-fetched, but this was where my 
Life had led me because I lacked a solid Vision for my future

Even though my rental business was making money, 
it took nearly every moment of my time to make that happen  

There I was, with the most money I’ve ever made in my Life and no 
ability to enjoy it. No ability to use it.  

Completely Time-Bankrupt... 

My desert was void of friends, family, and all the activities I enjoyed

It was in the desert I learned this very valuable lesson... 

As important as money is, it means nothing without the time and ability to to use it...

I thought (incorrectly I should add) I could leave my desert (my job) 
behind, any time I wanted

That I could step out of my desert, take some money, go find an oasis 
somewhere and enjoy myself for at least a few hours here and there

Seems reasonable, right?
In reality, it was tough for me to do… sometimes impossible

Any time I tried to leave my desert to go do something “for me” I 
found myself dragged back in with my thoughts  

Whether I was at my job, at home trying to relax, my mind was always “at work”
My job, my desert, became my PRISON… I could never escape it

The Vision Course will prevent that from happening... 

Part 1 - The Vision Course

Uncovering and Discovering your Vision to Create your Best Life defined by YOU

I shared that scenario with you so you could keep that fresh in your mind as I showed you The Vision Course

When I made the decision to leave my "desert"... I struggled putting a clear Vision together

I'll admit, it was a lot easier said than done.  I'd tried 'vision boards' where you're supposed to put pictures of all the things you want on a but honestly, that seemed more like an art project than getting to the root of my problems  

The problems were in my head, I needed to learn how to shift my thinking.  That wasn't going to happen by spending half a day printing off pictures of big houses and sportscars  

I started seeking new mentors and coaches and teachers who could teach me more about getting a clear direction for my Life  

Some people on that journey were definitely better than others, but what I learned along the way is a compilation of some of the best techniques I've found to discovering, and uncovering, your personal Vision.  That's what I will share with you in The Vision Course

The Vision Course is Part 1 of 3 of the 'Become a VIP in the Rental Business' course

Think of The Vision Course as a tool in your toolbox, like a car jack

Use the tool or don't use the tool... but it is a lot easier to accomplish your goals with the right tools at hand, wouldn't you agree?

Here are the components of The Vision Course, and how to keep you out of the desert:

Module One

Plot your Course

Module Two

Build your Foundation

Module Three

Plan your Success

Module Four

Bring it all Together

Module One
Plot your Course
No fluff, this is about getting you started quickly!
  • Personal Vision Roadmap: This downloadable pdf workbook is the foundation for the video course.  It gets straight to the point (it's only 15 pages) but is FULL of all the questions you need so you can uncover your personal Vision and get a solid direction for your Life
  • Video Instruction: If you prefer video, this guides you through an introduction of how to best use the course, in addition to doing this Vision process with your spouse or significant other... so you can include them and bring them with you on your new journey!
  • BONUS Video: A visualization exercise on identifying the things you REALLY want
Module Two
Build your Foundation
Helping you drill deep into things you probably haven't thought about in years!  
  • Identifying the Three Life Pillars: Think of a 3-legged stool, if any one of these 3 areas is out of whack (or missing) the stool, or in this case your Life, is also out of whack.  If all you got from this course is clarity in just one or two aspects of your Life - about what was truly important - wouldn't it be worth it? Let's keep you out of the Desert!! 
  • Vision Funnel: Have you ever had trouble prioritizing what you want most?  This simple but powerful tool helps you do that 👊  
Module Three
Plan your Success
A completely different way at how you look at your Time and your Money, and how to have more of both!  
  • Budgeting Your Most Precious Resource: You might have a negative reaction when you see the word "Budget" but don't be afraid, this isn't about taking anything away, this is about setting up boundaries around your most precious resource... your Time!
  • Vision Calendar and Timeline: This builds on what you took away in Module Two from the Vision Funnel so you can start making the things closest to your heart a reality 
  • Allocating Cash Flow Excess cash flow means nothing if it's directed to the wrong place.  This section shows you how to budget for the things you REALLY want! 
Module Four
 Bring it all Together
There's a lot of tools here, this section helps you put them all to use.  A great wrap up of the Vision course and bringing it all together
  • Vision Statement and Summary: You've covered a lot of ground, but this isn't meant to be an exercise just for the sake of inner peace... These videos guide you to set yourself up for action!  
  • Your Personal Commercial: I don't make this section mandatory, but some of my students have had some fun with this.  If you are a creative type, you'll enjoy the idea of immersing yourself in your personal brand 
  • Wrap Up A final video wraps up of the Vision course before you head into Part 2 of the "VIP" course, Infrastructure!  

Part 2: "I" is for Infrastructure

With your Vision clear, let's get down to Business... 

Part 2 (of 3) - The Infrastructure course

Start Building your Core Building Blocks for your Business

The Infrastructure course is Part 2 of 3 in the 'Become a VIP in the Rental Business' course

  • The Vision course
  • The Infrastructure course 👈
  • ​The Process course

Remember, Infrastructure is the 'Bones' of your Business.  In this section, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 is referenced quite a bit.  First, here is what will be covered:

  • Property Management Software: Retire those tired old excel spreadsheets and come into the modern age.  This section alone will save you an unbelievable amount of time, for a lot less than you might think
  • Accounting Software: If you don't have accounting, you don't have a business.  I learned this the hard way.  This is a straightforward lesson on how to set this part up right so you can move on to other things
  • Phone Systems and Communications:  How nice would it be to retire your cell phone?  It's not as far-fetched as you might think... and it's something you can implement almost immediately!
  • Getting your Team together: I heard a saying once about a box turtle on a fence post, you know he didn't get there by himself. The same goes with success in business.  This section shows you how to gathering together the right professionals so you can take it to the next level and beyond  
  • Websites, Email and Connecting to your Network: Learn to set up your website and email under one cohesive brand so you can use it to take your personal networking efforts to work FOR you and not AGAINST you! 
  • Managing Risk: This section teaches you ways to manage potential risks so you can rest easy and keep from losing all you've built
  • Plus a WHOLE lot more (seriously... no kidding.  Not to go 'on and on' but you'll see how much more in modules 2 and 3)

That is the basics of WHAT will be covered.  Here is HOW these things will be discussed and delivered to you!

Module One

An Amazon Best Seller

Module Two

Expanded Video Course

Module Three

Building Strong Bones

Module One
An Amazon Best Seller
Receive copies of The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 in all available formats!
  • Get your Signed Copy: Learn the entire "VIP" Method with your own signed copy of The Amazon best selling book, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 - mailed directly to your home or office - so you will have a reference you can easily carry with you!
  • Digital copies for Immediate Access: If you prefer to use your e-reader, you will receive digital copies in all available formats, so you can use whatever digital reader you choose
  • Audio format: If you're more of a podcast listener and prefer audio books, this format is broken up by chapters so you can listen and learn when working out, doing housework, or on your morning commute
Module Two
Expanded Video Course
Some of you just need to get right down to it!  Here's what you'll learn from the Expanded Video Course
  • Easy to Watch or Listen to: Did you know that roughly HALF of all Americans don't read books after they leave their highest level of education?  That's right, so whether you just barely made it through 8th grade and stopped, or you have a PhD in astrophysics, half of us stop reading after school.  So I thought, why try to push a rope?  This video course breaks down The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 in bite-sized, easy to watch videos 
  • Bonus Content: Enjoy content that was not covered in the book, so you'll get even MORE value!  You can even listen to the videos in the car or working out
  • Immediate Access: You get immediate access to the digital files, so don't worry, you won't have to wait on the mail.  The CDs shown are for illustration purposes only
Module Three
Building Strong Bones
These are all videos not covered in The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 due to space, these are lessons for when you're ready to go beyond the basics! 
  • Why Investors struggle when growing: Learning to handle the multiple lines of complexity is key to understanding how you need to build your infrastructure so you build it with the end in mind
  • Choosing an Asset Class: Important things to consider about WHAT you will invest in BEFORE you get too deep
  • Properties to Avoid: Avoid the pain of buying poison properties that are just hard to manage because of their awkward or weird features that no one will value
  • Putting together a Rock-Solid Lease This alone might be worth the entire course for you, such as how to get a good lease together which matches your Vision and Infrastructure... strap in, it's about to get even better!

Part 3: "P" is for Process

I was so excited when I first got started in my Rental Business full time...

I had enough Rentals to sustain me, and there I was Monday morning... 

With the multitude of things I could be doing, 
And I had no idea what I was supposed to do first

This is why I had to come up with clear Processes.  What to do, and When to do it

With your Vision clear (why you're doing this)...

Infrastructure is dialed in (what it all runs on)...

It's time to for Process (how to do it) to tie it all together

Part 3 (of 3) - The Process course

Time to Put all the Procedures in Place to Run 
Effectively and Efficiently so you can go Enjoy Life!

The Process course is the last section in the 'Become a VIP in the Rental Business' course

  • The Vision course
  • ​The Infrastructure course
  • The Process course 👈

Remember, Process is HOW you do stuff...  You might be surprised to see what will be covered:

Module One

From Vacant to Tenant - FAST

Module Two

Landlord Process Simplified

Module One
From Vacant to Tenant
Wouldn't it be nice to get your business running smoother?  With your Infrastructure in place, learn the best policies the fast and easy way through the Landlord Cycle, so you can get back to your Life!   
  • Getting Vacancies Filled Fast! Go from Day "0" (vacant) to Day "1" (new tenant) quickly and without the stress of missing any details along the way 
  • Show your Rental without Sacrificing your Time: Ways to get your listing shown your listing without spending a bunch of your time doing it 
  • 16 "Must Do" Ways to Screen ResidentsPulling a credit report is good, but it's not enough!  Don't put someone in your properties without checking these 16 critically important items  
  • From Side-Hustle to Rental Business: Taking your side hustle to full-blown Business is not about working harder, it's about working smarter.  This video will forever change how you look at your real estate business!
Module Two
Landlord Process Simplified
With your tenants moved in, let's make sure your customers are well taken care of, so you can make the most money, keep your properties rented, and keep the drama out of your Life! 
  • Make them Happy; Keep them Happy: Moving is stressful, make sure their transition is as smooth as possible!  Now that they're moved in, create a raving fan!  How to effectively onboard your Residents, keep them as long as possible and slash your vacancy expense 
  • Handling Repairs without Losing your Mind: You owe it to your Residents to handle repairs timely, use this process to ensure they are taken care of quickly and without you having to be in the middle of it all
  • Don't let Renewals Sneak Up on You: If you are not managing your renewals, you're probably leaving a lot of money on the table (and taking unnecessary risk too). Learn how to stay in front of things so leases don't expire and you're playing from behind!

Download Library

Forms, Worksheets, Calculators, Templates and More!

Throughout the entire Become a VIP in the Rental Business Course, you will have access to downloadable worksheets, sample forms, letters, and checklists.  Here is a summary of everything you get, so you can use them as they are, or edit them as you want:

  • Vision Calendar and Timeline: Imagine having the time to do all the things you really wanted, each and every day.  Well, it's truly possible with this simple but powerful tool
  • Maintenance Survey: One of the best ways to keep good subcontractors is to keep them busy.  This tool helps you find the ones who can and will do more than just one thing
  • CAPEX and Cash Flow Calculator:  Don't feel bad, calculating Cash Flow and CAPEX (high-dollar / capital expenditure items) is something even the most seasoned investors mess up.  Learn to smooth out those cash flow highs and lows!
  • Vacancy Checklist: If you don't have accounting, you don't have a business.  I learned this the hard way.  This is a straightforward lesson on how to set this part up right so you can move on to other things
  • Maintenance Inspection Checklist: Don't miss important details in your property inspections!  Download this checklist to use as-is, or modify for your own Business
  • Sample Resident Application: This section teaches you ways to manage potential risks so you can rest easy and keep from losing all you've built
  • Resident Screening Template: Make sure nothing gets missed when screening your applicants
  • Sample Pre-Lease Letter / Commitment Letter: After they're approved, you need them to commit!  This form is a MUST to help lay out expectations early on
  • The Resident Move-In Inspection Sheet: Don't rely on memory, not yours, and surely not theirs.  Have them complete a move-in inspection to keep the drama away
  • The Collections Checklist: This ensures you get your MONEY, and what happens, step by step, if they don't pay on time
  • The Payment Arrangement Agreement: Sometimes bad things happen, and Residents fall behind.  If you choose to work with them, this form puts your workout arrangement in writing between you and your Resident
  • The Lease Renewal Checklist: Renewing the lease starts earlier than you think!  This checklist makes sure you don't get caught with your pants down

and one last, incredibly valuable download: 

    The Million Dollar Lease!

    • Tying it all Together: The Million Dollar Lease is a result of years of correcting mistakes and adopting best business practices.  Easily changeable to use in your own Business! 
    What is The Million Dollar Lease?

    It is NOT just another generic lease compiled from a random place on the internet - it's part of the VIP Method of creating your Business that ties it all together

    It is NOT a lease you should gloss over or take lightly - though it will be easy to understand and use once you get familiar with each section

    If you've through being frustrated with your rentals, feeling like you're playing against a stacked deck...

    Having a good system is a great start... Having a Rock-Solid lease is where it ends

    The Million Dollar Lease is a Business Shortcut

    This lease is about laying out clear expectations...

    Every good business has customers who know what's expected of them, and customers know what they can expect from the business.

    With this lease, you clearly convey your expectations.  Residents know what's expected.

    Here are some key features:

    • ​Get instant access to The Million Dollar Lease - An eight-page sample lease agreement in Word format which has made me over One Million Dollars (your mileage may vary)
    • ​Completely editable which so you can easily change it to suit your rental operation
    • ​It follows the format from The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 so you don't have to create one from scratch, think of all the time, money and effort that will save!
    • ​Bolded Headings and Examples in the Sample Lease make it easy for you to adopt new policies you aren't currently using so your current business keeps getting better!
    • Includes a sample Community Guidelines and Pet Addendums which means you can tailor this to suit your specific properties and Resident needs

    Note: This lease by itself is not a substitute for legal advice, so get your attorney to review this before using!

    Let's do a quick review of what you get:

    Become a VIP in the Rental Business

    video course

    Part 1: The Vision Course

    This is where is ALL starts... Discovering why you're really doing this all in the first place.  Getting clear as to what direction you want your ship to take you, before you build it and set sail! 

    Module One

    Plot your Course

    Module Two

    Build your Foundation

    Module Three

    Plan your Success

    Module Four

    Bring it all Together

    Vision Course Value: $3,250

    Part 2: The Infrastructure Course

    With your Vision clear, you are guided in the building of your Business that will stand the test of time.  Learn the basic bones needed for your business, as well as more advanced concepts when you're ready for them.  The things you learn here will start taking you out of the job you created! 

    Module One

    An Amazon Best Seller

    Module Two

    Expanded Video Course

    Module Three

    Building Strong Bones

    Infrastructure Course Value: $4,750

    Part 3: The Process Course

    Your Infrastructure is in place, now lets get the rest of it together so you can relieve all that stress of making sure it all gets done! 

    Module One

    From Vacant to Tenant - FAST

    Module Two

    Landlord Process Simplified

    Process Course Value: $3,950

    The Download Library

    This is a list of all the downloads, templates, letters, worksheets and calculators you get along the way, including the amazing Million Dollar Lease!  It's all there for you to use!

    Forms, Worksheets, Templates, and Letters

    Download Library

    • Vision Calendar and Timeline
    • Maintenance Survey
    • CAPEX and Cash Flow Calculator
    • Vacancy Checklist
    • Maintenance Inspection Checklist 
    • Sample Resident Application
    • Resident Screening Template
    • Sample Pre-Lease Letter / Commitment Letter
    • Resident Move-In Inspection
    • The Collections Checklist
    • Payment Arrangement Agreement
    • The Lease Renewal Checklist

    Value: $2,000

    The Million Dollar Lease

    The Million Dollar Lease and Attachments

    Value: $2,500

    Download Library plus Million Dollar Lease Value: $4,500

    Total Course Value

    Vision Course Value: $3,250

    Infrastructure Course Value: $4,750

    Process Course Value: $3,950

    Download Library plus Million Dollar Lease Value: $4,500

    Become a VIP in the Rental Business Course Value: $16,450

    Here's What ONE STudent is Saying:
    - Louise Alexander 
    "Mark has a huge depth of knowledge... an Excellent Resource..."
    Mark has a depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness about landlording and the ownership of real estate that is rare in our business. 

    He bases all of his recommendations on his client's 'vision statement' and this was the most helpful part of our time together. With his guidance, I feel much clearer about how real estate fits into the rest of my life and what it is that I want to do with that life!

    He would be an excellent resource for someone doing their own management who wants to upgrade their business practices to the next level...
    - Louise Alexander, Coaching Student, Posted as a LinkedIn Review

    It gets better!  Check out these additional features!  

    Become a VIP in the Rental Business


    Enjoy BONUS content throughout the course to supplement your Business knowledge and if it's in your Vision,  get ready to GROW! 

    Module One

    The "Not Scary" side of Finance and Accounting

    Module Two

    Become a Desirable Borrower, the stuff even loan officers don't know

    Module Three

    Get your "bad" loans paid off. How loans work and getting out of debt fast!

    Module Four

    Commercial Lending: Learn to Borrow as a Business

    Financial and Lending Course Value: $4,775

    NOTE: This is stuff hardly anyone is teaching because hardly ANYONE knows about it. It's truly like getting handed the playbook on how lenders think (and to be honest, it doesn't always make sense)


    Enjoy BONUS content throughout the course to supplement your Business knowledge and if it's in your Vision,  get ready to GROW! 

    Module One

    Negotiation and Human Skills - Jedi Mind tricks anyone can learn

    Module Two

    How to Network and why Most People are Terrible at it - Key Mistakes to Avoid

    Module Three

    Keeping drama out of your Life and other Management Tips

    Module Four

    Connect with others in the Exclusive Facebook Private Members Area!

    Negotiation, Networking, and Private Group Access Value: $3,500


    Group Video training once each month to help clarify and solidify what you learned in the video course.  

    Your chance to ask questions and get them answered in a live video setting! 

    Live Group Video Training Value: $10,950+

    Total BONUSES!! 

    Financial and Lending Course Value: $4,775

    Negotiation, Networking, and Private Group Access Value: $3,500

    Live Group Video Training Value: $10,950+

    Value of all BONUSES: $19,225+

    Total VIP Course Value

    Vision Course Value: $3,250

    Infrastructure Course Value: $4,750

    Process Course Value: $3,950

    Download Library plus Million Dollar Lease Value: $4,500

    Become a VIP in the Rental Business Course Value: $16,450

    Total Value of COURSE and BONUSES: $35,675+

    YOUR Buy It Now Price: $2,497

    or 3 payments of $847!

    So how did I come up with those values?

    Let's just look at The Vision Course and you'll see just how much value there is...

    If you're household income is $130,000 a year.  Your income is roughly $62.5 per hour
    ($130,000 divided by 2,080 work hours in a year)  = $62.50 

    Let's say The Vision Course, by itself, is able to get you 4 hours back in your week to spend with your Kids, or your Parents, or for a round of Golf...

    4 hours a week times 52 weeks = 208 hours 
    So how much is that 208 hours worth?  Well, if you make $130,000 a year (which is $62.50 an hour)

    208 hours times $62.50 per hour = $13,000.00 is the value of your time you got back in one year

    But, The Vision Course was only valued at $3,250?  Why didn't I value it at the higher?  

    Not everyone will have the same level of success, and I don't want to make it seem unrealistic

    Let's say, After you go through the ENTIRE Become a VIP in the Rental Business course, ALL you're able to get back is 1 hour a week.  An hour you can spend any way you want (this is highly unlikely to be just one hour, but follow along for the purpose of illustration)

    So you've got back 1 hour a week times 52 weeks = 52 hours
    How much is 52 hours worth? 

    52 hours times $62.50 per hour = $3,250 (the value of The Vision Course)

    If all you got from the entire Become a VIP in the Rental Business course is just one hour back in your week, this pays for the entire course nearly 1.5 times!  

    And that's just the value of The Vision Course!  You still get The Infrastructure Course, The Process Course, The Download Library (to include the Million Dollar Lease) and all the Bonus Videos!   

    One last thing: I'm about to make this offer truly irresistible and throw in one additional piece to this offer you're simply not going to believe... 

    You'll be asked to make a decision in a minute, but you're going to want to see this first!

    - Ben Johnson 
    "...focuses on ways to grow income and time away from the business..."
    [The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0] offers insight into efficiency improvements for systems that will bog down any small business (or even a large one).

    In The Time Wealthy Investor 2.0, Dolfini focuses on ways to grow income and time away from the business, while also maintaining the personal service and structure that is so critical to building a thriving small business.
    - Ben Johnson, Business Owner, Posted as Facebook Review

    You might not believe what you're about to see...

    Before I tell you what the last piece of the offer is, you should hear this quick story...

    I had just published my first book, and I met someone at a local Real Estate Investors 
    meeting who was kind of a big deal in the real estate speaking world

    She saw my book at my display table and mentioned she had seen it around but 
    hadn't had the chance to read it.  

    So being curious, she pulled me aside to ask about it... 

    I was so proud to tell her about the VIP Method and how it will change people's lives

    She stood there and listened.  I couldn't help but think how impressed she would be 
    after I poured all of my research and "brilliance" out to her

    I wrapped up my mini-presentation, ready for my applause and standing ovation 
    (even though we were already standing)

    To which she said, 

    "That's great that it worked for you, but how would I know it would work for me?" 

    You could just about hear the air leaving my lungs like a deflated balloon...

    Wait, where is all the fanfare and roses being thrown in my path?

    Honestly though, it really is a great question

    How can I be sure it will work for her?  For You?    

    I will say, I'm quite confident it will.  But me saying it isn't enough.  So:  

    I'm going to take away all the risk for you...

    I'm going to offer you a complete, no questions asked, Money-Back Guarantee

    That's right...if you get into the course and you don't love it... 

    If it's not everything I said it would be and MORE... 

    If it doesn't CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better... 

    Drop me an email, and you'll get all of your money back 

    Does that sound good?

    I'll even go one step further...

    Take One Full Year 
    to decide!

    Why on earth would I do that?  

    • Because I'm THAT confident in the effectiveness of this course
    • ​Because I don't want FEAR to hold you back from living your best Life
    • ​Because your success is more important than selling something you don't need
    • ​And Because I want to help change lives, improve Marriages, and help create family memories... All of that takes time

    If for whatever reason you do decide to return the course, you keep the book, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0, as my gift to you

    It really doesn't get more straightforward, and you truly have nothing to lose and quite literally, everything to gain

    The way I see it, you have 3 options...

    Option 1: Do nothing.  Your Life stays exactly the same and you get to go back to everything before you read this.  

    Option 2: Put all these materials together yourself and slog through it on your own.  Potentially making all the same mistakes I made, or worse, making mistakes you might not recover from

    Option 3: You let me be your guide to building your best Life and a great Business.  A Life and Business where you make the most money, with the least effort, in the least amount of time.  Fill out the form below and get started right now.

    There's nothing left for you to do but decide... 

    "The way to get started is to quit talking and to begin doing." ~Walt Disney

    The time to take action is now

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