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Before you pay too much for your next rental?  Read this...
Did you know?
Nearly HALF (41%) of all rental properties experience some form of vacancy every year.  [Source: Foremost Insurance]
Failing to manage vacancy is part of one of the 5 Biggest mistakes you could be making with your rental property, CRITICAL mistakes that could cost you everything! 
How to Avoid the Mistakes that Cost you Money, Steal your Time, and Rob You of the Life you Want
You’re working like crazy, you're hustling, trying to keep it all together. 
Your day job.  Time with your better half.  Time with your kids.  
Taking care of stuff around the house.
Carving out a little free time to golf… maybe watching a football game on Sunday with Nachos dribbling down your shirt.
And oh yeah, dealing with your rentals.
A family game night with no phones sure sounds good – in theory.  Not sure how that could actually happen. After all, you have your rentals.  If they call, you have to answer it, right?  
The trouble is, you have this rental side-hustle, which means when the phone rings YOU have to answer it.  When something breaks, YOU have to take care of it.
Or worse...
When they don’t pay YOU have to chase them down.  So when you’re messing with all your rental stuff, you’re missing out on the Life the RENTALS were supposed to provide.
Can you relate?
It’s Sunday, you have a vacancy at one of your rentals, you have an ad running and a ‘For Rent’ sign in the yard. 
The phone rings...
Someone is parked out in front of the rental and wants to see it RIGHT NOW. 🙄
Your property has been vacant for 3 weeks, and the house is 20 minutes away.
Tossing the ball in the front yard with your son will have to wait.  Your son will understand... someday.  
You’re doing it all for him, for your daughter, for your wife. You look him in the eye and let him know you’ll “be right back.”  
The eye-roll… the sigh… he knows what that really means.
You watch him kick rocks in the driveway as you pull away...
Read on:
It’s Monday night, dinner’s done, the kids are wrapping up homework, and the game you've been thinking about all day is about to start.
You get a text from your tenant, rent will be late… 
You send a message that PROBABLY could have been a little better worded, but it’s been a long day, you’re tired, you really just want to watch the game and unwind from a typical ‘Monday’ at the office.
The firestorm of texts from your renter responding to your 'offhand' remark are relentless.  
You see the words, “lawyer” and “slumlord” and you’re doing your best not to let it set you off.
You start thinking where the money is going to come from to pay the mortgage if they trash the place; if they don’t pay rent.  
You’re so mad... So much for enjoying the game. 
So much for sleep.
One more?
It’s Friday night, your daughter’s birthday party.
She’s turning 12 and your house is filled with laughter and the high-pitched squeals of her friends from the neighborhood
Pajamas, chocolate, blankets and pillows everywhere.
Your phone rings.
Your wife looks at you as if to say, “I swear if you leave me alone right now I will burn your clothes on the lawn…” 
It’s the renter, and she’s locked out of her house.  She’s a good tenant, and one of the only ones who pays on time.
You’ll “be right back” you stammer, wondering how serious your beautiful Bride is about your clothes, the lawn, and her promise of committing arson.
Does any of this sound familiar? 
Wait, weren’t those rentals supposed to provide MORE MONEY, and thus, MORE FREEDOM for you? How is it the exact opposite has occurred? Is this just something you have to put up with until you get them paid off and can afford to hire a property manager?
There is a better way...
Think about this: Did you know that HALF (50%) of all single family rental properties started out as the primary residence of the Landlord? Source: [Foremost Insurance Group]
Given this fact, it’s not a surprise that many individual investors struggle. With HALF of all single family rentals starting out as owner occupied, it’s very likely most of these endeavors were never started out to be a business at all!
As if they were designed to fail... 
This isn’t your fault, setting your rental side-hustle up as a business is not the natural thing to do. The rental business isn't talked about that way.  It's all about "How many do YOU have?" as the measuring stick of success.  

The problem is if you never set this up to operate like a business, you might have created the very thing you were trying to get away from – a Job. (Oops)🙄
If you never budgeted for someone else to take care of all these separate tasks, these are all little jobs that YOU have to do, at the cost of your free time!
There is good news:
The fix is not as difficult (nor as expensive) as you might think (and no, I’m not talking about hiring a property manager).
If you’ve been managing your rentals for any serious length of time, let's face it, it's likely you won’t be happy with a property manager. Even a good one (if you can find a good one). 
It’s like working for yourself. Once you do, you’re pretty much ruined to work for anyone else. It’s tough to get that genie back in the bottle.
We entrepreneurs, we need to stick together.
Consider this tool for your toolbox, the ebook, 5 Critical Mistakes that Cost me Millions I made available to be downloaded for FREE.  
So you might be wondering, "Who is this guy?"  I'll introduce myself here in a second, but first, you might be asking yourself "Why should I care?"
Let's Hit the Highlights:
  • This ebook and workbook is full of highly ACTIONABLE information (no fluff) which means you’ll get right to the heart of the most critical issues holding you back in your rentals, so you can MAKE MORE MONEY right away. Which means you can do the things and spend your time with the people who most matter to you!
  • SAVE MONEY by accurately Calculating things like CAPEX (and what that actually is), Repair Costs, and Vacancy Expense which means YOU create a life of FREEDOM and NOT a horrible JOB for yourself.  This is easy to understand, basic math (even if you're not a "numbers person" don't worry).  If you can operate a basic calculator, you can do this!   
  • ​The information and format is straightforward, with examples you’re most likely to see in the real world.  So you can BE CONFIDENT you're analyzing your next property the RIGHT way.  Which means no more having to do all the work on your rentals yourself!  No more POISON PROPERTIES!
  • ​The download is available immediately, delivered right to your inbox! The electronic format saves you a time, so you don’t have to wait on the mail and you can get started right away. Like, right now! Today!
  • ​Once your properties are cash flowing better, they’ll be running better. Which means you’ll have more freedom, and best of all, never having to look your loved ones in the eye again and tell them you’ll “Be right Back” as you’re on your way to a rental. 
  • Sleep well knowing your rentals are likely to do well in ANY market condition which means you can live the Life you REALLY want.  If all this does is get you a good night's sleep, some peace of mind, wouldn't it be worth it?
  • ​Having extra time in your calendar will allow you to focus your time on things you've been putting off.  Imagine spending time focused on your health and other aspects of your Life which often take a back seat!
So who am I?
My name is Mark Dolfini, and I'm a rental housing provider, I was a landlord, just like you.  Starting out, every single book I read in the early days always focused on getting the rental ‘box’, throwing a sign in the yard, sticking someone in it for as much money per month as possible, and wait for all the money to pour in.
Then, all I have to do is repeat this a few dozen times and BAM - Next stop, Ferrari-ville!  
Well, that’s not exactly how the trip went. Not long after I bought the first rental, they were calling me – the tenants. At first, I had to admit, I was a little excited. I have tenants calling me, I’m in BUSINESS! Woo Hoo! Look at me hustle everybody!
I bought more properties, taking on more and more (because that’s what all the books were telling me). All those folks on Bigger Pockets who owned half of the city they lived in, all made it look so easy. All those poor suckers at work who were toiling away for “The Man” – I was on my way!
When I finally got to 92 rental units, which was just over $6 Million in real estate, you better believe I was busy.
If the phone rang, I took care of it. Whatever it was. Whenever it was. Day. Night. I didn’t mind “paying my dues”… I wasn’t averse to some hard work at night and on the weekends. Just gotta pay my dues.
Then, somewhere between the 2nd and the 10,000th call, I was ready to take a hostage.
My Life was in shambles.   
I’ll spare you all the details, but the short version of the story is I ended up losing MOST of everything I built in 2009.
What I learned from that experience, all those mistakes I made, was my (very expensive) tuition. My cost for learning this business the hard way.
My trip to Ferrari-ville was taking a massive detour 🤔  
“It's said that a wise person learns from his mistakes.  A wiser one learns from others' mistakes.  But the wisest person of all learns from others' successes.” ~ John C. Maxwell
If you’ve followed me this far, perhaps you'd be interested in hearing from a few of the people I’ve been able to help in their rental businesses and in their lives.
What People Are Saying:
While Mark Dolfini is an accomplished and savvy real estate investor and property manager, I was blown away by his concept of Time Wealth. 

Re-framing my investing and my life in general around the value of time is a dynamic shift in thinking. I came in looking for tips and insights to improve my real estate work and found an approach to enhance my life and relationships.
- Randy Kron, Real Estate Investor, Cited in an Amazon Review
[The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0] offers insight into efficiency improvements for systems that will bog down any small business (or even a large one).

In The Time Wealthy Investor 2.0, Dolfini focuses on ways to grow income and time away from the business, while also maintaining the personal service and structure that is so critical to building a thriving small business.
- Ben Johnson, Facebook Review
Mark has a depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness about landlording and the ownership of real estate that is rare in our business. 

He would be an excellent resource for someone doing their own management who wants to upgrade their business practices to the next level...
- Louise Alexander, LinkedIn Review
If all this sounds good, you’re going to love this next part!
The best part of all this, it’s FREE! (but only for a limited time)

 There’s no catch. Just enter your contact information and it will be sent directly to your inbox!
I originally started writing this as part of a larger project I intended to sell for over $1,200, but rather than wait until it’s done, I’m willing to share it now for free.
That said, I won’t leave this offer up forever, so it’s important you act now to get your free copy while it’s still available. Once I take it down, it will be down for good.
As an added bonus, you’ll get the The Personal Vision and Goal Setting Mini-Course Workbook, which will help you jumpstart your Vision and Goals for your future.
Think of it like goalsetting for your Life, on steroids. It’s not as in-depth as you’d get in my full course, but it’s surely enough to get you started and headed in a meaningful direction. All for FREE! 
All you have to do is fill out the form below and plug in a good email. Then, make sure you take the time to go through both workbooks.  The only thing you have to risk is NOT taking Action and staying stuck where you are.  
You can either move forward, or stay where you are.  It's up to you... 

PDF Reveals: The 5 Most Critical Mistakes to Avoid

 Mistake #1: Failing to Analyze Cash Flow Properly.  Even seasoned investors make this mistake, don't set yourself up to fail!  This section shows the MOST COMMON mistakes investors make when analyzing the cash flow of a property.
  • Make more Money by analyzing properties the RIGHT way
  • Save Time by not wasting energy on poison properties
  • Feel more Secure in your investments because you looked at the RIGHT things

Each of the 16 line items is another possible mistake: Are YOU making any of these?

 Mistake #2: Buying Properties with too little Margin.  This ensures you only take deals which make you the MOST MONEY!  This takes what you learned in #1 and applies it in a practical Cash Flow Analysis.
 Mistake #3: The ONE mistake made by NEW and SEASONED Investors alike, this is one you simply MUST avoid!  WARNING: It's one of those "Easy to do, easy not to do" sort of things... 
 Mistake #4: This one could cost you a FORTUNE in interest (and your PROPERTIES) if you're not careful!  This is NOT one to mess around with!
 Mistake #5: Admitting you need help isn't easy for most Real Estate Entrepreneurs - You're Not Alone! - Here's how to reach your full potential
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